FCS Thruster

M.R-TX Set (3)

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MR's twin template, FCS advanced foil plus a dynamic stabiliser for maximum performance in twin, super twin or fish options. Glass Flex offers the flex pattern modelled off a hand-foiled fibreglass fin and the ability to mold highly technical computer generated foils accurately.

This is a popular fin choice for modern and retro twin fins, but can also be used when experimenting with regular shortboards and fishes.

Side Fins
Base: 5.06"        128mm
Depth: 5.58"      142mm
Area: 21.05"    13580mm
Sweep: 33 degrees

Center Fin 
Base: 3.55"       90mm
Depth: 3.90"     99mm
Area: 9.61"     6200mm
Sweep: 31 degrees

Construction: Glass Flex

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